New in SecondLife what now ?

15/01/2013 18:02

You may find that you will go through phases in Second Life overall. Right now you are in the exploring phase. So...explore! Get out there as much as you can. One fun way to explore is profile picks. Click a random person, look at their profile (Despite what a few say about 'profile perving' - that's what a profile is for - to be read.) Click their picks page in their profile. Now just randomly try a few places. (Unless it says "home" - but if they were smart, the teleport does not lead there.)

As you explore, remember that not everyone has an open house policy. If it looks like a private home, probably best to admire it from a distance rather than try out to see what the pink and blue orbs do.

And visit the Destination page and the Destination forum here. People make some great recommendations.

Only once you have seen more of SL will you know what you like best.