About Us

We believe in helping people one by one, and we are experienced mentors from years back :)
Still a small mentor group but expanding.
If you need help, we are glad to assist in almost every language.
You can also join the group, just send an IM to one of us, and we would be happy to add you to the list after a little welcome chat
Thank you for reading this, we hope to see you more on Elba :)

Zussa Ryba: Languages: English, Polish, Norwegian, Swedish, German, Danish and Portuguese.
Yasmina Qumhua: Languages: Flemish, Dutch, English.
Lisette Halasy : Languages: English and Dutch.
Peajamah: Languages : Finnish and Dutch and English.
Peregrine Lennie : Languages: Japanese and English.
Asemina : Languages: German, Greek and English.
Hazel Romano Languages : English


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